We developed a comprehensive solution which enables automation of business workflow and digitization of tasks that solve your business challenges. From modelling the business process, execution, management and control of the running processes, to an extensive record and view of the completed processes, you can successfully accomplish the entire process from planning to automation of your business.Thus,we assist your company move in the direction of a digital and process-oriented market.

Design your business processes
with extra flexibility

You have full freedom to design and edit your own business process in our Jarvia Modeler Portal. And we provide you the extra flexibility to add, edit and even template your own task variables for the BPMN design.

More automation possibilities
in your workflow

Not only your daily office tasks like reviewing documents, sending email can be automated, but also new types of tasks like location-based tasks can be digitalized.

Full Control over
running processes

You can manage your running processes with full possibilities of controls. Advanced controlls like process cancellation, retrying and migration are supported.

Complete record of processes

After the business processes finished, you can get all the details in history view. You can even view or download the document uploaded in the execution of the tasks.



Design and edit your first Business Process with our process modeler portal

Responsive Design

You can have access to our portal with all kind of devices thanks to our responsive design.

Web Security

We are using OAuth2.0 and https connection which means all your data and communication are under protection.


Our architecture is based on microservices pattern which makes our solution more flexible and easier to evolve.

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